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Palace scheduled Riad physical examination.

Chadi Riad, Morocco’s rising star defender Will undergo a physical examination with Crystal Palace in England on Monday before signing the contract. The UFABET, a British media outlet, สมัคร ufabet reports that Riad will be the first reinforcement in this summer’s transfer window for Crystal

Bonucci is waiting to think about his future.

Leonardo Bonucci has become a former Italian defender. After hanging up the boots And in the next few days a decision will be made about the future. Bonucci played for the last club in his football career. UFABET Fenerbahce finished the 2023-24 season as runners-up

Chelsea are yet to remove Deserbi’s name.

Chelsea are not ruling out the opportunity for Italian coach Roberto de Zerbi, who is currently unemploy. After parting ways with Brighton this summer UFABET Sports News chief Kaveh Solecole says De Zerbi remains one of Chelsea’s top options alongside Enzo Maresca and Thomas Frank

West Ham player urges teammates to return

West Ham player urges teammates to return to form after being crushed 6-0 by Arsenal. West Ham midfielder James Ward-Prowse has urge his team-mates to Together they were responsible for the shameful performance of losing to Arsenal 6-0 at home last weekend. James Ward-Prowse from Southampton

Benefits of Manuka honey.

Manuka honey contains carbohydrates, protein, minerals, fatty acids, phenolic compounds and flavonoids. Which are antioxidants. Although these nutrients can be found in other types of honey. But Manuka honey contains Methylglyoxal. Which has natural antibacterial properties in quantities greater than those found in general honey. Manuka honey is


Regular honey has anti-inflammatory properties and relieve symptoms of infection. By helping to adjust the function of the skin’s immune system. And stimulates the repair of damaged skin tissue. Manuka honey is one of the most popular types of honey used as an ingredient in skin care products for