What is the Sicbo formula ?

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What is the Sicbo formula?

For playing Sicbo as I said anyone. Who has the basics of playing Sic Bo can play this game without difficulty. The difference is that we can only bet in many ways, including high-low, even-odd, total bet, triple bet, specific tong bet, double bet, mix double and many others. Which have a pay rate that is considered quite high. But do not forget that the more you pay, the more you risk. So how do you risk getting money? Can it choose the level of risk? Let’s go see UFABET.

Even-odd betting formula

We will have the following betting principles:

  1. If the final draw result comes out as high or large, the next turn will bet on even.
  2. If the result of the latest prize draw is low or small, the next round will odd.

High-low bet formula

This formula will use the method to look at the output, big (Big), small (Small), which we have to wait for a good time. Which the format of the card to use. then place bets according to the SBSBS steps. The first thing we will need to look at when entering the Sicbo room is to see if the last 4 results come out as or not. Then start placing S bets in the next turn according to the formula.

  • If winning from the first eye to stab to consider the end of the round Stop stabbing and wait for a new stroke or move the playing room.
  • If losing, continue betting according to the formula. Together with using the Martingale formula until you win, if you win then the round ends immediately.

Sicbo Formula Medium Risk

The level of challenge in playing Sicbo here will be a little more by betting on specific numbers from 1-6 to any number. The payout rate will be at 1:1, but the special it will that the payout rate will increase if the next dice come out of the same number, for example, if 2 same numbers are drawn, it will pay 2: 1, the same 3 balls, the payout rate is 3. : 1 except online casinos Some owners may pay as much as 12 : 1 if all 3 dice are on the same face. The formula that we will use is