How to play local sic bo, what equipment do you need?

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How to play local sic bo. What equipment do you need?

As we know, playing local sic bo has with Thai society for a long time. Popularly played in various festivals Whether it’s a wedding, ordination ceremony, funeral or general play in everyday life. until widely popular. The popularity of these makes playing Sic Bo being develop on online casinos. Until it became a playing Sic Bo online and for anyone. Who is wondering how to play at UFABET folk and play on the website how will it be different Please follow.

Equipment for playing dice What must be

In general, Hi-Lo will have the main equipment. The same in the game will be different, it is the playing material. of each area. But if it is based on the principles of folk dice. It is actually a device for playing. nothing much All of these materials are readily available. in that local It consists of a total of 4 devices that are 6-sided square dice, each of which. There will points indicated from 1-6, a plate for inserting the dice, a cover for covering the dice. Before shaking and a plank for betting on Sic Bo which all this equipment can made of any material according to the region and status of the player I wish to be able to do a good job it is available

How to play dice

One of the reasons for playing Sic Bo popular In addition to playing equipment that is easy to find Simple, easy-to-understand rules are also important. To explain it briefly, the dealer takes all 3 dice together in a plate and then uses a cover. Let’s cover all the dice. Before shaking all the dice. When the plate is place, the player will predict. What the points of the 3 dice will produce, whether the total is high or low. Or may add other forms of betting It’s up to the playing field. Agreed at the outset will see folk dice often adhere to the rules less betting patterns and easy to understand The main disadvantage is the return if you guess correctly. Maybe not that much