Players must see that the fish shooting.

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Players must see that the fish shooting.

Players must see that the fish have different levels of difficulty of the fish. Don’t worry about not being able to play. Guaranteed to be easy to read and understand and play immediately. Features To increase your chances of shooting fish for a high score. Will be able to make money every day at UFABET

1. Adjust – reduce the odds
2. Choose a gun to use to shoot
3. Aim at the fish and press to shoot
4. Choose a special function
5. Wait for the prize money

1. Ammunition saving formula

The faster the ammo runs out. The faster the fish shooting game ends. The more ammo should saved. Shoot much you can Focus. Shooting fish that score a lot. And don’t have slow-dead fish. because the slower the death. Which is the best fish shooting game? It will waste more ammunition. Focus on fish that die quickly. But with lot of points. It will more worthwhile. For example, a fish that scores 4 points. But takes 2-3 bullets worth more than a fish. That gets 10 points. But takes 7-8 shots. Which is not worth it. So use the bullet-saving formula. Will make it play for a long time and scores much more

2. The formula for using angles to your advantage

Fish shooting game to earn a lot of money that newbies should know. Because it may way make New players to the way to earn money Can’t shoot this fish. That always have to shoot big fish, which is a waste of ammunition by reason. So the technique of playing fish shooting games. Should focus on the point angle of the fish gun helpful too adjustment of vision. 

The barrel of the gun can match the body of the fish. to see the fish clearly around the swimming fish area. Then minute by minute. In order for the bullet reach the target.

3. Master shooting formula

It’s a formula for gamblers. who starte playing fish shooting game. Until you get used to it will play as an additional ammunition in one fish by firing at the wall for the bullet to bounce back Hit the fish itself to increase the fun of playing the game.

It is suitable for those who like to focus on fantasy. But requires fair amount accuracy. In the meantime, more shots fired in the fish.