Nunez admits adaptation is still a problem As a result

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Nunez admits adaptation is still a problem As a result, the form is not strong with Liverpool.

Liverpool Uruguay forward Darwin Nunez has admitted he still has to adapt to the Premier League and has to keep working hard. After the work is not as hot as many people expected.

The 23-year-old has signed a contract until mid 2028 with Liverpool. Which comes with a price of up to 100 million euros, but he still has a poor performance with only goals scored in the Premier League Along with being red carded once this season, with Nunez admitting problems with adaptation. One of which was the language barrier in his work with manager Jurgen Klopp. And mostly in conversation with Pep Lijnders, as well as Vitor Matos, two of Klopp’s assistants. communicated in Portuguese

“We don’t talk much. i don’t understand english And he doesn’t understand Spanish.”

“They had an interpreter to help translate the conversation when Klopp addressed the team. An interpreter will sit next to me and explain what I need to do to work with the team. If they don’t explain to me and I went on the field I didn’t understand what I had to do on the field. But in terms of relationships, Klopp has always been clear with my full support. he gave confidence And my duty is to repay the confidence that he has given me. I have to work hard don’t panic Talk less and keep working,” Nunez said.

Núñez produced an outstanding performance at Benfica last season until joining Liverpool. and moving to a new country The new environment required him to adapt. which caused him to have trouble scoring goals.

“Actually, I have a problem with adaptation as well. But I believe that if I keep practicing and playing, I can adapt little by little. After my first red card in the Premier League, I had a difficult time. I know I made a big mistake. And I keep reminding myself that I must never make that mistake again.”

“I can only stay calm during the games, say less, we all make mistakes. And I paid for that mistake. and learned from that experience. It’s very important to me at work. To allow yourself to be one of those who can play well for the team. And if I can’t score I had to keep calm and do my own work.”

Darwin Nunez’s performance this season, playing in all 8 games in all competitions, scoring 2 goals and 1 assist.